Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Right Path

I've on the right spiritual path for me now, my dreams are proving it. Until the past few weeks, over the past several decades, I've had dreams with my kids as young children in homes full of elemental chaos that I could barely control, with doors broken or not functioning correctly and other things. Last night (early this morning actually), I had a dream of moving into a big old beautiful and stately home. My children and I were putting everything neatly into order, no chaos at all. Nothing was strewn around (with me stressfully trying to keep everything picked up like in the chaotic dreams). Everything was clean, neat and nice. Nothing broken. The old house was well kept up and beautiful. The owner of the house was going to put in a vent in the kitchen above the stove which had been covered over previously. My kids were well behaved and helping me get things arranged the way I wanted them. Everything was just perfect. My eldest son was now a teenager, and I was going to trust him to take my car to the store for some paint to paint the lowest frame of the outside front door where a visitor's child had drawn in red on it while we were moving in - the only thing out of place in the entire dream. Life was good and getting better!

This is an excellent dream. I am in control of the chaos and it has been transformed into a lovely order. I loved the stately old house we had moved in to. It was just perfect and the most lovely home on the street.

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