Monday, July 09, 2012

My Saami Name is Čielgat-Čiegusvuoht

Blessed be my Patroness Hel! She has led me to my Saami sacred name ~ Čielgat-Čiegusvuohta ~ it means to MAKE CLEAR, to clarify and to elucidate THE SECRET (ways of my ancestors as they live through me). My Saami name is in harmony with my other names: Lori (birth/English), Liorah (Hebrew), Lleucu (Celtic) and Heid (Teutonic) - all of my names pertain to bringing forth enlightenment. My Saami name is Čielgat-Čiegusvuohta. Right now, I feel like a many-layered onion with all these names, where my birth name is the outermost skin on the onion which is me.

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