Saturday, July 28, 2012

Taking Up the Might & Maegen of the Ancestors

My hand forged Mjolnir with oath ring to be used in Troth-claiming ritual.

Not only is this upcoming Hleifblot going to be my first ritual blot (cyclical ritual blessing), but it is also going to incorporate a rite of Troth-claiming. Shown is the oath ring and hand forged Mjolnir I am going to consecrate and use for my rite of Troth-claiming. I have several fancier and more costly hammer pendants, even a historical replica Erikstorp Thor's Hammer, but this hand forged one with the oath ring attached is my favorite. I also have a large 6 inch rune-inscribed altar oath ring on its way to me, but it's unlikely to arrive in time, so I'll consecrate it at a later time.

I am going to perform the Troth-claiming rite despite that my ancestral genetic results show my ancestry to be nearly 100% European including Iceland (with traces from other areas of the world*), with a Scandanavian motherline of U5b1b1. I am doing this to firmly demonstrate with intentionally focused action to my ancestors my loyalty to them. Like so many others, I was raised Christian. I formally and ritually rejected Christianity in 1997, and entered upon a path of acceptance of my own ancestral heritage at that time as well, so my Troth-claiming ritual verbiage may be a bit different than most others in that particular area, since the verbiage given (in the book noted below with an outline of the ritual) applies to one coming directly from a path of Christianity (which I am not). Not a Christian, and having already ritually rejected that path a very long time ago (and remaining firm and true to that rejection over the years), my ritual words will pertain more relevantly to my own true situation, to taking up the Troth of my ancestors, and to swearing an oath of loyalty to them. My Troth-claiming ritual will basically follow the ritual as outlined in Volume 2 of Our Troth, compiled by Kveldulf Gundarsson (a ritual similarly outlined by Edred Thorsson in A Book of Troth).

I will also ritually accept my sacred name Heid at that time, in an additionally incorporated naming ritual. This upcoming blot is full of good things for me.

I'm so excited!. I have everything I need ready and waiting.

The great majority of us come from families that have been Christian for dozens of generations. Indeed, those who pride themselves on their European ancestry should remember that nearly every living person with European ancestry has Charlemagne - who was not only a Christian, but a slayer of thousands of heathens - as an ancestor, whether or not the link can be documented. Therefore, even those who can trace their ancestry back to the time when our Heathen Troth still flourished must ritually take up the might of those early kin and lay claim to the worship of our forebears' gods and goddesses, just as those who do not share in the bloodline of their clans must.

This upcoming Hleifblot, I ritually take up the might and main of my ancestors. (The word 'main' in this phrase refers to the 'maegen' of the ancestors, an actual ancestral soul-force.)

I'm also going to blood my runes at this blot.

*Clarification, I should have written "nearly" 100% European, as I do have some genetic relationship to other areas of the world in trace amounts (including North Africa, Asia and the Middle East), such that Family Tree DNA reported my autosomal genetic ancestry results as 100% European statistically. DNA Tribes reported me as essentially of Teutonic (Nordic and Celtic) ancestry as well. So, two independent genetic testing companies are in agreement as to my ancestry. A third ancestral genetic testing company, namely Roots for Real, confirmed my motherline.

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