Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Relentlessly Faithful And True

Spirit Of Blodeuwedd

ב' תשרי התשס"ט
Blodlessing 3
Rosh Hashanah 2

The fourth shaman stone in my Temple Collection is represented by the Celtic dark goddess Blodeuwedd (pronounced blode-ae-wehd), the flower woman. Blodeuwedd "was made out of 9 flowers by two male magicians, Gwydion and Math, to be the bride of Llew, " yet once made, she had her own ideas regarding the path her life would take. And forge her own path she did.

In the minds of most men, Blodeuwedd is considered the epitome of the faithless woman. Faithless Blodeuwedd is not. On the contrary, Blodeuwedd epitomizes relentless Faith in her own inner vision of the Divine and the courage to follow one's own inner Truth.

Catrin James (Doorways To The Otherworld) writes of Blodeuwedd:

She calls to you to take courage, not to listen to the calumny or slander of others, to do what is right for you. Out of bondage. To see through the darkness of other people's opinions and the shadows of the everyday world into the heart of the matter. You came to earth for a purpose but it is not the purpose imposed upon you by others. Listen to your heart, listen to that still inner voice. It will not betray you.

Blodeuwedd, Blodeuwedd, Blodeuwedd ... oh, how I am made like you! My truest patroness, my own path I forge too!

I've chosen witches' amber (jet, a black fossilized wood), linked with the earth element, for the shaman stone corresponding to Blodeuwedd, the flower woman.

Faith (אמונה) and truth (אמת) in Hebrew will mark the shaman stone, as will Welsh faithful (ffyddlon) and true (gwir) in Ogham letters, Gaelic faithful (dílis pronounced DEE-lish) and true (fior) in Bardic runes, and Potawatomi truth (de'bwe'wIn) in English letters.

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