Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love Never Lost

Flidhais, Spirit Of The Deer

א' תשרי התשס"ט
Blodlessing 2
Rosh Hashanah 1

In perfect follow-up to my previous two entries, Dance Of The Divine Feminine (describing the concept of birefringence as it pertains to the second of my shaman stones) and Witch's Shofar (which rests between the two entries describing my first and second shaman stones, and tells of my encounter with a deer Erev Rosh Hashanah) comes my entry regarding my third shaman stone. It is a Deer Creek fire agate (example shown below).

Usually the eleventh shaman stone in Celtic magic, according to my experience, in the system unique to my particularity, the spirit of Deer (Flidhais) numbers third. A such, my Deer spirit fire agate corresponds to Da'at (Knowledge), the external manifestation of Keter (Crown).

Catrin James writes (Doorways To The Otherworld) of the Spirit of Deer in Celtic magic:

She is associated with Gwenhwyfar, whom in ancient Celtic is described as sacred love. "Gwenhwyfar of the deer glance" [see my entry Witch's Shofar]. In Native American tradition, she comes forth to tell you that you are loved. To remember that when life presses hard upon you and you feel no love, that somewhere in time you have been loved before. And so too you shall be loved again, someone shall look upon you with eyes of total and enduring devotion, union of soul and spirit, Divine love yes, but human love too [here's the birefringence concept again] in its highest form.

The Deer spirit and her contact with you is that you may know of this sacred love, a love from which you may feel you have been exiled, and she comes to tell you that love endures forever, that which you have known somewhere, in some other time, in some other realm, so surely you shall find again.

The Deer spirit stone also represents an Ancestor or Ancestress who loves you completely, and comes to let you know that he or she is with you.

I am not alone.

My Deer Creek fire agate will be marked in Hebrew letters with the word ahavah (אהבה), which is love associated with the unity of Echad. Echad will be marked in Bardic Runes. The Malchut (of Echad) will be marked in Ogham letters.

Deer Creek Fire Agate

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