Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stones From The Temple Of Joy

Wolf Spirit Moqui Shaman Stone

כ"ז אלול התשס"ח
Belz 29

Dating from around 3200 BCE, the Temple of Newgrange is an earth mound measuring 44 feet high. The megalithic boulders which surround the Temple each measure up to 8 feet high. In Celtic magic, in the mysticism of bringing light from darkness, there are 36 shaman stones of hidden mystery.

Dating during the second century BCE, the second Temple of Jerusalem was rededicated, marked in the current age with the 44 total lights (36 menorah plus the 8 shamash candles) of Chanukah. In Jewish kabbalah, in the mysticism of bringing light from darkness, there are 36 lamedvavniks of hidden mystery.

We can see then that in both Celtic and Jewish mysticism the numbers 44, 36 and 8 are directly connected to the hidden mysteries of the Temple and to bringing light from darkness.

Like my Celtic ancestors, to bring light from darkness, I am collecting a set of 36 sacred shaman stones from the earth, to be dedicated over 8 nights during the month of Shamash according to the Celtic witch's calendar.

Like my Jewish ancestors, to bring light from darkness, I will light 44 candles over the course of 8 nights, ritually dedicating each of the 36 shaman stones in the light of its corresponding candle (36 over 8 nights plus 8 shamash candles, one for each night) according to pattern of Chanukah.

This year, the first day of Chanukah is also the sabbat of Yule (the Celtic festival of light and the astrological winter solstice). Chanukah/Yule falls during the month of Shamash in the Celtic witch's calendar.

Like my Native American ancestors and in honor of the Land upon which I live, the first shaman stone dedicated to my Temple Collection of shaman stones is a moqui stone.

In Celtic magic, the first shaman stone corresponds to the wolf spirit. My wolf spirit stone will be marked in Ogham letters with the word gliondar meaning joy, with the Hebrew letters chet-gimel-sin-sin (the first letter of each of the four words for joy in Hebrew - chedvah, gilah, simchah, sason - where the letters taken as a phrase together - חג שש - mean "the circle of rejoicing"), and in English letters with the Welsh word gorfoleddu meaning rejoice, to be joyful.

Welcome to the world, my joyous circle of stones.

Wolf Spirit, Simply A Song Of Joy

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