Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rare Passion, Precision, Clarity

Rare Passion, Precision, Clarity

כ"א אלול התשס"ח
Belz 23

In follow-up to my post Mabon - Tam Z'Man, A Perfect Time, note the two Hebrew letters which embrace the Ogham letter muin in the graphic which favors the witch's expression - tav (associated with Mabon) and chet (associated with the Divine Feminine power of the witch through the run and return of the Lifeforce) - have a combined gematria of 408.

This prophecy (זאת) of the Divine Feminine is wholy united (חִשֵּׁק) with pure passion (חשק), in triple portion ...

... of which, there is no question.
R. Shneur Zalman of Liadi

Note: Each of the three Hebrew words above has a gematria of 408. The Hebrew word in the middle (חִשֵּׁק) is a rare word, just as my Noble Name Myfanwy is a rare Welsh name meaning "rare, fine one". The name Myfanwy is One Unified Name expressing three explicit interwoven aspects of the Divine Feminine with rare passion, perfect precision and pure clarity.

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