Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well-Being For The Witch

כ"א אלול התשס"ח
Belz 23

Mabon Blessings!

The future rides the wind with the witch on Mabon. A divination, performed with the waning gibbous moon 54% full, during the planetary hour of Pluto, drew up the fid nGétal, a healing energy, banishing negativity and obstacles to well-being. So mote it be, אמן.

nGétal is the Ogham of Samhain.

Paul Rhys Mountfort (Ogam: The Celtic Oracles Of Trees) writes of nGétal:

nGétal (broom) is a tree letter of well-being and healing. It counsels you to tend to the health of your mind, body and spirit, and reminds you of the need to foster your vitality through rites of cleansing and renewal.

Erynn Rowan Laurie (Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom) writes of nGétal:

When nGétal appears in a divination, it suggests that health is or should be a priority now. Magically, this fid is excellent for all types of healing work, and is useful for healers to call upon (when doing healing work).

Interestingly, after years of no health care, I recently made a medical appointment with a female physician for an overall health exam. Given I am now into menopause, I decided it was time to get my thyroid function checked out, my allergies and blood pressure under control, and start exercising again. The appointment is scheduled for shortly before Samhain, and the fid of health and healing, called out by the Universe on my behalf, is already working for my well-being specifically, and for all witches universally.

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