Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wholeness Caught By The Eye Of A Witch

כ"ו תשרי התשס"ט
Blodlessing 27

In today's commentary on Bereshit (Sabbath Soul From The Mist Of Ab Duir) arose the topic of rings, taba'ot (טבעת).

From Torah Tidbits on rings:

TET-BET-AYIN-TAV, meaning RING, appears 38 times in Sh'mot (concerning the Mishkan or Kohen Gadol's garments. The only other place in Tanach that has a lot of rings is Megilat Esther (6 times). (Only two other occurrences - B'reishit and Bamidbar.) In singular, the word is TABA-'AT. In plural (most common) it is TABA-OT in its free-standing form - rings, and TA-B'OT (SH'VA under the BET rather than KAMATZ) in its S'michut form: rings of gold, rings of the Aron, rings of copper...

Interestingly, Torah Tidbits links the concept of rings to the heart (like the two opposite human/divine triplets discussed here and the 6 occurrences of טבעת in Megilat Esther) of the Shema (embodying the concept of Unity in Multiplicity) through the link of a linked discussion (see Torah Tidbits link). Links upon links upon links. Rings and rings and rings.

Other than the 38 times found in Shemot (Exodus), the only other two occurrences of taba'at/taba'ot found in the five books of Moses are one in Bereshit (Genesis) and one in Bamidbar (Numbers). In Bereshit (41:42), ring appears its singular form in the word construct meaning "his signet-ring" (את-טבעתו). In Bamidbar (31:50), rings appears in its plural form in the word meaning signet-rings, taba'ot (טבעת). Pharaoh's signet-ring is singular in Bereshit, and corresponds to the Unity aspect of the Shema. The signet-rings of the Israelites in Bamidbar are plural, and correspond to the Multiplicity aspect of the Shema.

With these ideas taken together, we can see that the Shema is not whole without Pharaoh, and that the two occurrences of טבעת outside the book of Shemot are intimately linked to the wholeness of the Shema.

Like the two occurrences of טבעת linked with the wholeness of the Shema, in my waking vision this morning, as described in Sabbath Soul From The Mist Of Ab Duir, two ideas arose simultaneously to my singular mind linking together in wholeness the prophetic Mist of Avalon with the soul of messianic consciousness "falling" into apprehension and "caught by" comprehension.

And, like taba'at and taba'ot, both the "ring" (Transforming Curse Into Blessing) and "rings" (Sabbath Soul From The Mist Of Ab Duir) link to my experience and to my reality as a Divine Spark made with both the soul Pharaoh the soul of Israel.

I am Pharaoh. I am Israel. I am what I am, and I Am One.

ברוך שם כבוד מלכותה לעולם ועד

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