Sunday, October 12, 2008

Consummate Life To Enliven

י"ג תשרי התשס"ט
Blodlessing 14

Documenting the synchronicity of today's news event with my divination last evening during motzi shabbat:

Shattered Ship Drama
October 12, 2008, Foxnews

The crew of a cargo ship were lifted to safety before their vessel was smashed in half in the Strait of Gibraltar, The U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper reported Sunday.

The Liberian-registered Fedra was caught in a strong storm Saturday as it passed through the strait, and was pinned against a cliff by devastating waves despite dropping anchor, The Mail reported.

At first, Spanish maritime rescue helicopter was able to airlift several crew members off the doomed ship. But as winds got stronger, rescuers were forced to suspend the mission after a rescue helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing. The storm later subsided just enough to finish the job before the ship was shattered against the cliff, the paper reported.

My divination, described in Sanctuary Of Delight, brought forth 3 Hebrew letters:

עצ ק

which I translated as "focused through the eye of a needle".

The two letters עצ can also be translated as "narrowing, closing"[1], as is the Strait of Gilbraltar narrow, and are the Gates of Prayer associated with the Neilah service (the fifth and unique service) of Yom Kippur closing.

The letter ק which I translated as the eye of the needle (associated with the Temple Gates and the "expropriation of transcendent Divine lifeforce by the material realm" as described in kabbalah) can also be translated as to refer to redemption through the mystical meaning of the letter itself.

So, even while the Gates of Prayer have become closed into a narrow place through which passage is difficult, the Gates to the Temple Sanctuary of perfect delight, are open to provide sanctuary and redemption from the devastating waves and stormy winds of life,

so the physical vessel housing the life which enlivens is not shattered into halves at the narrow place, but remains ever whole and joined together like the Ogham letter of my divination, luis (rowan), a letter of two lines united by one - which is translated through my divination as "a sanctuary of delight with the strength to turn away negativity." None of the ship's crew members perished. All were treated and released from the hospital following rescue.

A card from The Hidden Path not shared in my divination entry last evening was drawn following the Ogham letter. That card was The Great Rite, symbolizing "perfect union, formed to create something greater than the parts can be on their own, a consummation beyond personal matters and limitations."[2] Last evening was the first time I have used this deck. Last evening's divination was its initiation into my practice.


[1] Etymological Dictionary Of Biblical Hebrew, Matityahu Clark

[2] Seeker's Guide To The Hidden Path, Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor

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