Saturday, October 25, 2008

Circle Of Strength

כ"ז תשרי התשס"ט
Blodlessing 28

Strength To Strength

Avalon is a mystical place where there is no pain, hunger or thirst and where no one ever ages. It is separated from the mortal eyes of humans by a veil. Home to the spirits of the ancestors, Avalon is also known as the Summerland, Annwyn, Isles of the Blessed, Isles of Apples, Tir Na nÓg (Land of the Living) and the Otherworld. Living mortals may enter Avalon in exceptional circumstances, at certain places, and in certain times. One of those times is during Samhain. The other time is during Beltane. During both Samhain and Beltane, the veil between the living mortal world and Avalon thins, enabling the worlds to touch.

As shown in the film, "The Mists of Avalon", Morgaine gives Arthur her strength on the way to Avalon (that is, from a position initiated from within the living mortal world):

Give Him Your Strength

As shown in my entry, "Candle In The Womb", Arthur gives Morgaine his strength on the way from Avalon (that is, from a position initiated from within Avalon):

Give Her Your Strength

chazak, chazak, venischazek
Let us be strong, let us be strong, and together we are strengthened.

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