Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thurisaz - When Frost Giants Dance


In follow-up to my previous post (Witch Dancing New Logo), last night's rune drawing was Thurisaz. Then I dreamt.

I was in the Underworld in some place working as a nurse. At one point, I was ice dancing as I worked. I didn't like working as a nurse, but there was more to it than meets the eye (connected to Odin's dark eye in my new logo) at first glance. I wanted to get to the surface.

I made sure the orange juice got delivered. Then, as soon as I did this, my work in that place ended and I began making my way towards the outer hall.

The outer hall of the place was a long hall with shelves and shelves and heaped library carts of dusty old books. I noticed that all of the books, no matter what the cover design, had the same title.

Little flitting things (like one might imagine high energy subatomic particles) so small they were beyond seeing, but not beyond my perception, came together in my hand (out of sight, but not beyond perception) like Mary Poppin's magical umbrella and lifted me to the surface.

I woke up.

I knew that the magical lifting device which lifted me back to the surface from the underworld had come together on my behalf on account of making sure the orange juice (connected to the Sowilo rune in my new logo) had been delivered. This was such a little flitting thing (task) during the years I spent working as a nurse that I can't remember any specific time I did this, although I did it all the time. This task was so basic to me, that the remembrance of doing it any specific time made no impression on my consciousness - which fits well with the concept of Thurisaz.

Thurisaz is a rune embodying the preconscious, unthinking forces of Nature and Chaos, structurally in opposition to consciousness. In Northern Tradition runecraft, Thurisaz associates with the rime-thurses (frost giants) and to Thor's hammer (which wields the power of these dangerous forces in service to the evolution of consciousness).

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