Saturday, March 02, 2013

Noble Warrior Loki

Rune Master

While I've recently discussed specific runeworks dealing with Raidho, another rune I draw very frequently in personal rune readings using my set of Younger Futhark runes is Kaun, the torch. Edred Thorsson tells us (in ALU, An Advanced Guide to Operative Runology) about Kaun:

Fierce, bold, brave, the epitome of the Noble Warrior, the rune Kaun is known to us through the Old English Tradition Rune-Poem as "the Torch, known to every living being by its fire that burns most frequently where nobles rest" in a state of serenity. 

This is how I see Loki - as a Noble Warrior. I am also increasingly becoming to see Loki as my Patron along with Hel, my Patroness. Loki's presence as my Guardian as I walk the path of my Ancestors was made known to me by his fire, even at my first blot where runes on my new altar were torched by fire as I was absorbed in the process of blooding my own runes! Loki clearly claimed and acknowledged me.

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