Friday, March 22, 2013

New Research Supports U5 Hg Originated in Pre-Ice Age Europe

New research information shared by scientist from my mtDNA U5 FB group:

Very important and interesting paper is out today that includes full genome testing of ancient remains - it supports previous theories that U5 originated in pre-ice age Europe. Quoting from the paper: "It has been argued that hg U5 is the most ancient subhaplogroup of the U lineage, originating among the first early modern humans in Europe [18]. Our results support this hypothesis because we find that the two Dolni Vestonice individuals radiocarbon dated to 31.5 kya carry a type of mtDNA that is as yet un-characterized, sits close to the root of hg U, and carries two mutations that are specific to hg U5." Here is a link to the abstract - the paper is behind a pay wall:

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