Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Right Hippocampal Mystic Typology

כ״ד בטבת תשע"ב
Grael 27

In correlation with the information in this article [The Role of Religious and Mystic Experiences In Human Evolution: An Hypothesis. Todd Murphy, 2010] discussing the differences between right hippocampal and left amygdalar mystic types, where it is written,

A mystic whose experiences appear from an unusually responsive right hippocampus is expected to report experiences dominated by right hippocampal (RH) phenomena. The RH role in spatial reasoning and memory implicates it in experiences of 'infinity', the "infinite void", spaciousness, and the experience that the space occupied by the sense of self is limitless ("one with the universe"), or existing in 'one-pointedness' (phenomena suggestive of macropsia and micropsia). The RH role in non-verbal information implicates it in the experience of inner silence, or freedom from 'mind chatter'. Its cognitive functions implicate it in the experience of 'knowingness', and 'insight', in which understandings appear spontaneously. The right hippocampus' role in processing non-verbal information would give such mystics a propensity for experiences that are 'beyond words' or 'too subtle to be explained". It's role as the source for dream imagery suggests that its also involved in the experience of 'alternate realities', 'other dimensions', the 'astral plane', the 'dream time', as well as the fleeting images that appear in hypnogogia, and even artistic visual inspirations. Its role in creating and retrieving memories suggests it may be crucial in accessing inner images, including symbolic, spiritual, and artistic images. Its production of theta activity suggests it's crucial in trance and meditation.

makes it clear to me that my mystical experiences (example) tend to be of this type, suggesting that I am a mystic of the right hippocampal (RH) type (as opposed to of the left amygdalar mystic type). The connection of RH mystical experiences to the phenomenon of memory is also interesting to me given my ever continuous memory of preincarnate existence. In light of the additional evidence given by this research group that human beings have out of physical body experiences of consciousness which come together to the self experientially from the perspective of an energetic or subtle body (as explained in related videos here, here and here), it seems reasonable to suggest that the physical brain may also have a non-physical correlate through which an individual may 'come together' as a self-aware entity.

(Described in the linked videos) I often "see" the void and the moving neurological electromagnetic field called "the binding factor" (which is responsible for bringing together and maintaining the "sense" of self) when I am resting - I can "see" this moving field when I close my eyes. At rest with my eyes closed, seeing these phenomena (the void and the moving field) are almost even my "default" settings of perception. In addition, I also occasionally experience partial seizure-like electrical activity at various locations in my body which no one but I am aware of - these too most often occur when I am resting.

I'd like one of those Shiva neural stimulation helmets!

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