Monday, January 16, 2012

Mystery of the Moabites

כ״א בטבת תשע"ב
Grael 24

I had a dream early this morning which sheds some light on the mythic story of the Moabites (people from the land of Moab) and on the halachic religious law preventing males from this people - the Moabites - from becoming part of the Jewish people on account of the fact that this people would not let the Israelites pass through their land on their way into the Promised Land following their escape from Egypt and journey through the desert. My dream speaks not of male genetic descendents, but interestingly, of female genetic descendents.

The dream suggests to me that genetic metaphysics are not only characteristic of the Jewish people, but may be also characteristic of all people. My dream suggests that the proverbial Moabites, whose name means "from the father's seed," pertains to the idea of non-acceptance among a people of individuals connected to a people through genetic patrilineal ancestry. While the dream may not suggest this to be an absolute necessary metaphysical reality, it does suggest that this may be a egregore of sorts which operates on a metaphysical plane because of its acceptance by those people.

The dream:

I was trying to escape a group of people among which I lived, but to which I did not belong. The community was at once settled at a place, but also simultaneously living on a moving train. In other words, it seems they were nomadic wanderers of sorts. It was illegal to leave the group, but nevertheless, with a small group, I "parted the veil" which was a wall of the train and a room in the enclosed community (don't expect the symbolism to make literal sense in this dream), and we jumped off the community onto the land outside. We ran and were pursued by those we had left.

We ran to seek shelter from our pursuers and to find acceptance among another settled community who was living on the land, but were denied acceptance by the women which lined up at the community's edge (city limits) who prevented us from entering into shelter there. They refused to let us pass through their land and to shelter us from our pursuers.

Our pursuers reached us, and we fugitive escapees were then entrapped sandwiched between our pursuers and those who refused us shelter and passage through their land. Our pursuers captured us and we were forced to return to the place from which we had escaped.

As punishment, I was to undergo a ritual of public violation and humiliation, and was also told I had to "wear pink on Tuesdays" as a sign of my transgressing the law of attempting escape. For me, a person who wears black all the time, wearing pink is diametrically opposite everything I consider myself to essentially be, but I could tolerate this. The public violation and humiliation was beyond my tolerance - I was not going to allow this as long as there was breath in my body. I resolved to escape again before the ritual could be carried out.

I was led to a room to prepare for the ritual. Instead of preparing for the ritual, I again parted the veil which was the wall, and jumped off the moving train, again. This time I did not run for the shelter of settled people living in the area - I ran a different way. I was pursued, again.

But this time, I outran and outfoxed my pursuers. I will not disclose details as to my route and other things of escape, except to say there are several veils and obstacles that were put in the way of my pursuers this time - by a people who came out to meet me and to lead me along the way of escape toward the people to which I truly belong.

One more thing I will say, is that I was washed clean of my former life (which functioned also to remove markers traceable by those pursuing me) and was given my own genetic mantle, which when place over my shoulders, grew of itself to become a full cloak covering me. My pursuers lost me.

End of dream (with respect as to what I will disclose).

Interestingly, in my dream, the role of the mythic MoABites (from the father's line) are not Moabites, but rather are MoAMites (from the mother's line) - the women of the land had refused me safe passage through their settlement and had refused me shelter from my pursuers. Nevertheless, on my second escape attempt, I took another route through the land to find my own way into it toward my own people who not only helped me, but who came out to personally meet me (as a small representative group sent by the whole) at the second veil I encountered. In fact, at this second veil, they came through it to me and took me with them deeper into the land.

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