Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tracing My Mitochondrial DNA Ancestral Motherline

כ״א בטבת תשע"ב
Grael 24

I've finally done it. I've made the purchase and am going to have the mitochondrial DNA test done on myself to determine my "Motherline" ancestral lineage clear back into Stone Age prehistory. With my DNA profile results, I'll learn my mitochondrial DNA Haplogroup (mtDNA branch or the genetic family to which my Motherline belongs), my genetic mtDNA markers, world ancestral origins, and an explanation of the prehistorical and historical migrations of my Motherline.

While this does not include all of my ancestors at all, it does trace my "Goddess" Motherline clear back into prehistory. I am so excited about this - the results will have a permanent place in a special altar box on my Ancestor altar. It will take some time to get it all done and the get the results back (maybe up to 6 weeks from now), but when I do, I'll surely post them here. To know one's Motherline and to trace it so far back in time - what a blessing by Goddess!

I have my eye on a few other DNA tests as well which will be more comprehensive regarding my ancestry and incorporate information from both my paternal and maternal lines (using STR genetic analysis). I've also just talked my father into letting me have some of his spit for tracing my "Fatherline" via Y-chromosome DNA analysis (like I am in process of tracing my Motherline via mitochondrial DNA analysis), so as soon as I save for the money for this additional test, I'll be doing this one as well.

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, to leave this legacy of ancestral information for my descendents. Now, I'm on my way to accomplishing it.

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Myfanwy said...

After the mtDNA matrinileal ancestral DNA analsysis, I've decided next to do the STR genetic analysis of my own DNA before the paternal Y-Chromosome analysis since the genetic markers on the Y-chromosome aren't directly relevant to my own or to those of my children (since I didn't inherit nor pass on those markers of my father). The STR genetic analysis will include markers I inherited from both my father and mother, and be more comprehensive with respect to my ancestral origins beyond directly tracing my mother's mother's mother's mother's (and so on) line (as does the mtDNA ancestral analysis).

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