Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Guide Heulwen

ד' בטבת תשע"א
Grael 7

Tonight, as I walked from the shore of Avalon to the Mother Tree at the Isle's heart, my dark haired faery friend (as described in this blog post) followed me along the way, always staying within the cover of trees. At the Mother Tree, my faery friend disappeared and re-emerged enveloped in light as my Guide. She said nothing at all. She communicated her name ~ Heulwen ~ wordlessly. Heulwen, pronounced Haylwen, means light of the Sun. An aura of shimmering light dancing with a multitude of tiny twinkling lights surrounded her always. She wore a beautiful Celtic circlet of white gold. Her fluid white gold hair and gown blended perfectly into the light and space around her - they were all one. She was not separate at all from the environment. As we joined hands, I joined Her in this inseparable union with Avalon - my Being too glowed with the light of Her. Before we completely united at the water of the Red Spring, She revealed and spread beautiful large black Raven wings for me to see (which had been hidden until that point). I am still completely enveloped in the protective power of Her sacred wings.

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