Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Grim Adventures of CHUD and Myfanwy

כ״ו בכסלו תשע"א
Shamash 29

In follow-up to my previous entry CHUD - The Face of My Worst Fear?, I must say that right now I feel a bit like Mandy (from the cartoon The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) in the episode BRAINS!

Wiki describes the plot of BRAINS!:

Billy has nobody to play with late at night, and so he wishes upon a star for a friend. The star falls into his backyard - but it isn't a star, it's a brain eating alien meteorite. First, he tried to eat Billy's brain, but there's nothing in Billy's head. The Meteorite (through song) uses Billy to get all of the brains in town, while Billy is thinking that it's all just a game, and that the meteorite is his friend, who oddly gives Billy a zoot suit to wear. Eventually, there was only one brain left in the town - Mandy's. When she came over to see what's going on, the meteor eats her brain, but with unexpected consequences. Once the meteorite eats Mandy's brain, he melts away, screaming in pain, resurfacing as a pink brain, shaped as Mandy's head. Mandy explains that her brain was too spicy, and commands Billy to go and fetch more brains.

In other words, the brain-eating alien meteorite who, after eating Mandy's brain, is Itself eaten and taken over by Mandy's superior brain!

I totally love this cartoon.

UPDATED with video of the episode BRAINS!

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