Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cryptic Message for My Sisters and Brothers

ב' בטבת תשע"א
Grael 5

I received my copy of Avalon Within a few days ago and undertook my first Immram to Avalon last night. I willfully completed this first Immram at the point where I stepped from the barge for the first time upon the shore of Ynys Afallon, willing to be shown my guide before proceeding any further. I thought I would be shown my guide in a follow-up dream over night. However, immediately and unexpectedly, I saw the face of a hobbit-sized dark haired faery creature peek out at me from among the island trees at the edge of a beautiful grove just off the shore landing.

Following this Immram and unexpected encounter with the faery creature of Avalon, early this morning I dreamt a dream, the details of which I am not write for the safety of one whom we have been protecting down through the ages. However, there was one portion of the dream containing a cryptic message that I am to write, and to make known to the Sisterhood (and related Brotherhood as well, which includes both my Celtic Druid and Jewish Mystical School kindred), who are working together to protect this person) even though it is dangerous to do so - for in writing it, it provides a navigational tracking fix (so to speak) for those from whom we are protecting this archetypal "person" (AND to track/locate the person who is carrying him down any particular path through time). Despite this danger, I am to write it because someone among us needs to know this encrypted information, which is:

The critical message is contained within the arrangement, as the wooden blocks are "lined up." In "lining up" the wooden blocks resting on top of his clothes (as they were left during this past period of time) in the middle drawer in his abandoned chest of drawers, as they fit together the letters become revealed. (In the dream) the letters revealed formed the doubled words "Sale Sale." The true meaning is not the obvious meaning of the words as they are seen. The true meaning is hidden within the context of this message.

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