Thursday, December 02, 2010

CHUD - The Face of My Worst Fear?

כ״ו בכסלו תשע"א
Shamash 29

Last night I dreamt.

There was a designated group of people. I traveled through a series of scenes where each person in the group died in various gruesome ways and in various extraordinary situations that could never happen in real life. It was like death was picking each one off. I was the last one left alive.

I escaped death by making it to a castle where the magical King and Queen lived. They were the ones who had set all this in motion. But, they didn't kill me. I killed them defending myself. But, I was still not safe.

It, whatever It was, was still after me. I hid in a closet-hall in the castle. It was looking for me. I heard a Voice say to It, "CHUD, she's in there."

Then, It found me and I saw It, the thing called by the name CHUD. CHUD was a beautiful blue-white sphere of energy-like light. It paused at the end of the hall as It detected me. With nowhere to run or hide, I looked at It as It looked at me, we each meeting the "gaze" of one another inasmuch as one can meet the gaze of a sphere of light. Then, It rushed forward toward me and "killed" me as It made contact and merged with me. I "died," shapeshifting into a supernova of light ... and woke up.

CHUD? Wiki on Stephen King's novel It (which by the way, I've not read nor have I seen the film) and It's CHUD:

The Losers are not the only persons to encounter It; various children vanish to be found dead and mutilated days, weeks, or months later, if they turn up at all. The Losers determine to destroy the supernatural being and seek out means to that end. After some research in the town library, Bill discovers an ancient spell known as the Ritual of Chüd, in which a shapeshifting monster called a "talus" and a human shaman lock tongues and tell jokes; the first to laugh is devoured by the other.

At the house the boys are attacked by It, each perceiving a different form of the creature: Bill sees It as Pennywise and Richie sees It as a Werewolf.

There was alot of mutilation deaths throughout my dream. One of the deaths in my dream involved a man's tongue getting bitten off by the teenage girl protecting me (who is axed to death by the man whose tongue she bit off protecting me). I never laugh. I am hidden and hide throughout the dream, which I why I was the last one left alive.

Bill believes this ritual will allow them to defeat and kill It. While the seven are building an underground clubhouse in the Barrens in mid-July, Mike Hanlon brings his father's photo album and shows it to them all. The group discovers that Pennywise has existed for many centuries in the Derry area. In one photograph, Pennywise again appears and threatens to kill them all, appearing to them all as their worst fears.

A sphere of Light? This is the face of my worst fear? It's got to be kidding. Now, I'm laughing.

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