Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ancestor Mysteries & The Tree Of Transformation

כ"ו אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 27

A reader emailed to me an inquiry regarding ancester mysteries. His question may be answered in the dream(s) I had last night.

Up Through Time, The Snake Tree

For some reason it wasn't such a good thing to be a head of this family. The reason was not so much because of the family, but because of the position of being the heads. The heads were in the most dangerous unprotected position in the family and more vulnerable to attack.

Adam and Eve were the heads of this family tree, literally. The entire family line was joined together like a single organism in the form a tree. Adam and Eve were the head trunk-limbs. The head trunk-limbs were in the form of two snakes branching up straight and high through time together from the main trunk of the snake tree. Their heads were at the summit of the tree, their faces like two pieces of white fruit among the uppermost leaves. Like fruit, the heads of Adam and Eve were always in danger of being eaten by the ancient animals of the primeval forest-garden.

One ancient animal flew up like a bird to the snake tree. The ancient creature had a long sword-like bird-like beak, but like a spider's jaws might, the ancient bird thrust into one of the fruits of the snake tree (which was really an individual human) below the heads of Adam and Eve. Like a spider, it injected venom into the human which was a fruit, liquifying the innards of his body. Then, like a spider might, the bird sucked out the juices of fruit-human, eating him this way.

It was not easy to be a human in those days, when humans were like fruits on a snake tree.

Down Through Time, Folding Over Continents

I've forgotten much of this dream, but it pertained to ancient family matters through time as well. It also had a stellar aspect to it, including the idea of finding lost family members down through time. It had an element of cataclysmic nature in it too.

We were from the stars, but in folding over the north american continent, many were drowned under the sea, lost in time. I remember vowing to find you, stepping out from the sea onto the new shore to do it. I had not been drowned by the sea, and like a mermaid, had survived the cataclysm of folding over continents.

The Snake & the Fish, Two Totem Meanings of the Hebrew Letter Nun

The Hebrew letter nun in modern times carries the Aramaic meaning of fish in the sea. The Hebrew letter nun is derived from the ancient pictograph meaning snake.

In my dream, Adam and Eve were formed like two sofiyot, like two straight extended final letters nun extending through time.

Prophetic Kabbalistic Witchcraft, As Above So Below

Every night before I go to bed, I do a quick dream divination using my Well Worn Path witchcraft deck. Last night, using these cards (which I keep by my altar in a handmade Dark Forest Divination pouch), I drew the card 'As Above So Below.'

'As Above So Below' is also a kabbalistic teaching of the Hebrew letter nun.

Complete alignment and harmony exist throughout my Celtic-Jewish shamanic practice of kabbalistic witchcraft.

The Tree Behind the Hedge, Hedge Riding to the Tree of Transformation

The first two items listed yesterday evening at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu, are related to this week's Torah portion Vayikra, and discussed on Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Two Turtledoves In Action.

Hedgecraft is a form of witchcraft which redefines witchcraft as centered around the journey to the Underworld and contact with the Unseen to transform the essence humanity into something greater. Hedge-riding is the act of doing it.

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