Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Electro-Magnetic Field Disturbances

י'ח בכסלו תשס"ח
Shamash 20

I have a "wind" chime in my magic room that operates on electromagnetism. It operates using an electric current and a magnet. Sometimes, even though the current is always on, the wind chime doesn't always work - the magnetic pendulum fails to be moved by the current sufficiently to strike the chimes.

The chime has not been working for several days. Suddenly today, it is working just fine again. Right now I am listening the soothing peaceful sound of my chimes. This has occurred several times - it works, then it doesn't for a few days or weeks. Then, suddenly it works fine again.

Whatever recently has been "in the air" adversely impacting the functional ability of my electromagnetic "wind" chime is no longer present.

I welcome the sound of my chime's gentle music back into my magic room. I've missed it.

What could be causing this phenomenon? Is it happening via cyclic influences on the electric current? What would cause the magnetic domains within the magnet to autonomously dis-align and realign with the earth's magnetic field cyclically and randomly like it does? Maybe it isn't random, even though it is cyclical. I'm going to start documenting these periods. What is "in the air" impacting my chimes? I want to know, as my chimes have now "stopped" again as I complete this post and I'm not happy about it.

Any ideas are welcome.

But I am happy again, nevertheless, as a mere few words later, my new magic chamsa kabbalah bracelet from Israel just arrived. And with it, my chimes started working again.

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