Monday, September 17, 2012

My Ancestral Genetic Motherline Indigenous to Scandinavia

For those of you following my ancestor work ~ Through my ancestral genetic motherline (U5b1b1*), I can trace my maternal ancestors clear back to the earliest hunter-gatherers in Northern Europe. A rare haplogroup in Europe generally, haplogroup U5 has roots in earliest prehistoric Palaeololithic Europe. Clan Ursula (general haplogroup U5) - the ancestral motherline Clan to which I belong - is the oldest surviving genetic motherline haplogroup in Europe.

From Family Tree DNA [Gail Tonnesen/FTDNA U5 Project]:

As the ice began to retreat about 15,000 years ago, haplogroup U5 was among the first people to repopulate central and northern Europe. We know this because U5 is the dominant haplogroup in ancient remains of early hunter-gatherer populations in Europe, with U5 and its sister group U4 representing about 90% of the earliest hunter-gatherers. U5 was largely replaced by early farmers and other Neolithic immigrants to Europe and currently U5 represents only about 11% of European mtDNA. Some very old subclades of U5 are extremely rare, perhaps because they represent the remnants of hunter-gatherers that were largely replaced.

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What this means is that my ancestral motherline hails from the indigenous native population of Scandinavia.

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