Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dipping into the Sea of Ancestral Essence

Background - Yesterday I listed for sale at my Etsy shoppe shark teeth and Sahara Sea creature remains from the Eocene Epoch. The start of the Eocene is marked by the emergence of the first modern mammals and lasted from about 56 to 34 million years ago . The dinosaurs were already extinct during the Eocene Epoch, but huge predators still ruled the sea. I also posted on my shoppe Facebook page a video discussing the source of consciousness as hidden and taught in Old Norse myths. In the video, the Nine Daughters of Ægir are also discussed as they pertain to this source of conscious awareness. The emergence of the first primitive mammals (mouse-like creatures) following the extinction of the dinosaurs (during an epoch earlier than the Eocene, namely in the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, often referred to as the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event, which occurred approximately 65.5 million years ago) links to my mouse fylgja. Extinction of the dinosaurs is linked by science to extinctions of ocean floor species following asteroid impact.

Early this morning, I dreamt a dream of bringing up a giant (jotun) creature from the Ancient Sea. The creature was at once also me.

I was on a exploring research ship sailing upon the Dark Sea in a liminal time containing both all time and timelessness. We lowered down a large net into the depths of Dark Sea, seeking to bring up something very important, very ancient, very mysterious.

We brought up an ancient cocoon-like liminal-like bubble shell-craft in which an Ancient Creature had been preserved. The Ancient Creature was both a sea creature and me at the same time. As a sea creature, the bubble ship and its content reminded me of a giant clam-like creature. As me, it reminded me of a hibernating human form with all its books and computer gadgets resting in a time capsule cocoon of some sort. It had been brought up to the surface - I felt the creature's "studies" would now reawaken.

The dream changed.

As one among three couples, we had moved into a long-shaped apartment (brings to mind now a Viking longship), though we all had private living spaces. One of the males of the couples, named Jeff (derived from German Gottfried, meaning "Divine peace"), the companion of one of my "sisters", had been charged to find us our apartment. He had done well. We were all pleased. We were moving into this apartment because of a new research job-study we were all participating in.

One of my sisters had the job of being the homemaker. The rest of us had jobs outside of the home. I recall the floors being vacuumed in preparation for our move into the new apartment.

My new state of the art high tech computer software was being set up and configured for the research project. During the set-up, I had a bit of difficulty with the number 2 on the touch screen. I had to try several times before touching the number 2 right, getting my touch to strike the screen right to get my entry to take. It "took" on the third try.

After setup, I saw and also wanted a cool sleek black backpack like the one being carried by one of my sisters, so I could carry my computer stuff around with me too. I put in my order for one. Fossilized amber was associated with unlocking and accessing our computers. (Amber is associated with Freyja and ancient witchcraft.)

I woke up. I also listed a few specimens (here and here) of copal amber from Madagascar yesterday on my Etsy shoppe. During my last ritual blot (Haustblot), I had placed my own more ancient fossilized amber with fossil inclusions on my harrow in honor of Freyja.

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