Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Considering Heimdallr As My Patron

Given my own ancestral genetic U5 motherline is connected to the indigenous hunter-gatherers of Scandinavia (as discussed in earlier posts here and here) who have been in Europe for nearly 50,000 years, and that this population seems to be associated with the Vanir, while Odin is connected to Aesir (and possibly to the population who came into Europe about 25,000 years ago bringing ancestral genetic motherline haplogroup H with them), it seems even more likely that I took my mystical space-worlds-journey when I was a child with Heimdallr, a deity with origins in the Vanir by many, and the one who "guards" the Bifrost Bridge.

I am seriously considering that Heimdallr is a patron deity to me.

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