Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's a Beautiful Life for Baby Birds

י״ז בסיון תשע"א
Alban Heruin 19

A few weeks ago I posted that a pair of robins had built a bird's nest over the back porch light where I live. Well now, there are at least two baby robins in the nest. Yesterday, two of them had their necks extended up high enough over the top of the nest that I could see them. They had their mouths wide open up in the air, making noises, waiting for their parents to bring them some food.

Today, they were sleeping. One had its head resting on the top side surface of the nest, asleep for awhile. It was so cute and so at contented peace. You know, you can even see contentment and peace in the expressions of baby birds.

I'll try to get a photo of them tomorrow.

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