Saturday, November 06, 2010

Voice of the Land

כ״ט בחשון תשע"א
Shamash 2

This evening begins astrological Samhain. Last evening and today is Shabbat Samhain. In observance of this shabbat sabbat, a sabbat shabbaton of the witchy kind, I ritually created a passage key link between this world and the Otherworld Mystery of Fate using the name of my ancestor and grandmother Evelyn (who has merged with the Power within the Land) to call upon the Goddess of the Old Ways (known in the ancient Celtic mysteries as Kolyo). The ritual itself, though undisclosed here, was exquisitely simple but perfectly focused.

Then, I dreamt a myriad of dreams last night and this morning. Of the many journeys I traveled in my dreams, this dream I disclose ...

The molten innards of the Land were rising to the surface. Under my feet, everywhere I walked, the bright orange of rising lava could be seen under the dissolving membrane of earth which covered it. The world as I knew it was dissolving.

I saw people falling into rivers and seas of molten earth as it rose to the surface. The surface under my feet was warming, and no matter where I went, civilization was being swallowed up in an ocean of lava. I was trying to find some place safe to walk upon, some place that would be spared being consumed by the rising liquid fire. Humankind, like in the mythologic flood of Noah's time, was being swallowed up. There was seemingly no way to escape it.

Suddenly, in my mind it was spoken and made known to me, the only place to which I could flee to find refuge from the consuming fire of the Innards of the Earth, the only Land on the planet which would be spared, the only place where human beings would continue to exist, was in ... "the Colorado mountains."

Then, as I was hurriedly moving from area to area of quickly dissolving Land (as soon as I stepped off any area, it fully collapsed into the emerging ocean of molten earth), I saw it - the remnant of humanity, with me among it, living safely in the Colorado mountains. Then, I woke up from this particular dream.

The Colorado mountains? What can this mean?

The mountains of koloraydoh - 'Kolyo Raidho' are the 'mountains of Kolorado.'

In honor of my Ancestors, uniting Celtic tradition ...

Kolyo is the Divine Name of the Great Mother of All - Ubiquitous, Omnipresent, Immortal and Eternal. In Indo-European Paganism and Celtic tradition, Kolyo is She who drives the Divine Drama and gives birth to the Gods and Goddesses. The Supreme Spinning Goddess, She is the First Timeless Source who regenerates All. A Being and Power older than Time itself, Kolyo spins the threads of Fate.

... and Germanic tradition ...

Raidho is the rune of Divine Law, of the Old Ways, of travel and movement, of the journey of the Soul and Spirit throughout the tapestry of time and timelessness. It is the path upon which Being walks, and all my paths lead to Kolyo Raidho, the Witch who contains both upstairs (in the Overworld) and downstairs (in the Underworld).

... and Jewish tradition.

In parallel, the 'mountains' of kolorado are the three Goddess letters 'y' (yud, י), 'i' (yod, י) and 'h' (hei, ה) in the Divine Name 'Kolyo Raidho.' These three letters (ייה) permute to form the Divine Name Yihye (יהי, meaning 'to be', 'to become', 'exist', 'happen') of Jewish tradition (where my own existent physicality forms the final ה of the Name Yihyeh (יהיה, the Divine Feminine Tetragrammaton) also meaning 'to be', 'to become', 'exist', 'happen'.

The remaining letters of the Divine Name Kolyo Raidho transliterated into magical Hebrew letters (קולו and ראידו) have the gematriot of 142 and 211, respectively. The value 142 has a digit sum of 7, the number of shabbat, the sacred time of this magical communion. The value 211 is the value of the word הדבר meaning 'to speak', 'to overcome obstacles', 'happenings', 'leader' and the 'mystical sayings' of the ten commandments spoken from the mountain of Sinai. Alternatively and equally, the value 211 is the value of the word דברה meaning 'She speaks.'

Through Goddess the Land speaks. In Goddess the Torah's sayings are sourced, for ultimately, they are Her words.

Safety for me exists in and all my paths lead to the Old Ways of Goddess.

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