Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Magical Operation

י״א בכסלו תשע"א
Shamash 14

Last night I dreamt a dream with three sets of threes.

Set 1. Three Liquors.

I was in a fancy restaurant with a bar along one wall. For some reason, I was asked to and did point out three bottles of liquor from among many I was shown that were especially magical. One among the three I chose was especially especially magical, and I designated it as such. The three liquors I chose were classy liquors although I don't know now specifically which ones I picked out and designated as especially magical. In the background, someone was trying to make trouble for me there, so I left and escaped the trouble in my black car which someone was trying to steal.

Arriving at another nice restaurant, I got out of my car and walked into its foyer. It was shabbat and people were crowding into the restaurant around me for dinner. On a shelf overhead, someone requested that a reserved box of three especially magical liquors be brought out to celebrate shabbat. The three special liquors in the special reserved box were the ones I had just chosen in the first restaurant, the very very magical one among them especially caught my eye.

Set 2. Three People.

There were three people standing on the Temple Mount Stonehenge Land - the Land was elevated upon a mystical hill - two men and me, a woman. There was no Temple building or standing stones there on the Land, it was just the Land upon we stood. We were going to do a magical operation whereby cosmic energy would be directed.

Set 3. Three Circles.

Each one of the three of us standing on the Temple Mount Stonehenge Land walked a circle like an orbit around some empty central point. I walked an orbit between the orbits walked by the men. I walked my orbit widdershins. They walked their orbits in the direction opposite mine. This was the way the magical operation was implemented.

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