Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seeing Through The Darkness, An Otherworld Journey

כ׳ באב תש"ע
Lughnasadh 21

Last night, I dreamt.

I was on a snowmobile-like vehicle with others who were going on a dangerous adventure to each meet our Guardian Angel. Only the worthy would be able to safely return. The unworthy would remain stuck in the Otherworld.

To go to the Place of the Guardian Angels, we were going to slide free-fall together in our snowmobile-like vehicle down from the top of the snowy mountain we were on and crash into the Great Unknown Dark Sea at the bottom of the snowy mountain. This Great Unknown Dark Sea interfaced with and joined the snowy mountain we were on with a Great Dark Mountain on the horizon (which I couldn't see at this point).

Naturally and complainingly, I thought "I am just too old to crash down this snowy mountain into the sea. I could break a bone or something. I'd rather not do this." But, I didn't have a choice now because we were all already on the snowmobile-like vehicle and on our way. So, since it was inevitable that I had to do this now and couldn't not do it, I thought "I hope these are nice angels." The guide in the group on the snowmobile-like vehicle said to me "no, Ma'am, they are not." "Oh, that's just Great," I naturally and complainingly thought, "I'm going to meet not-nice angels in a Place from which I may or may not return. Just Great." I wasn't fearful at all, but I did have to pee. I was going to have to wait until we got back now.

Our vehicle sped down and crashed into the Great Unknown Dark Sea. After recovering from the disorientation of the crash, I reoriented myself and found myself on the Seabed under the Great Unknown Dark Sea. It was dark and shadowy for sure, but despite that, I could still see forms of the things there. I could see through the Darkness. The vehicle I arrived in was crashed around me. The only other person who remained standing in the vehicle with me was another young woman (young, like I was in this Place), except that she was made of the same Darkness as the Place we were in.

I looked up ahead at the Great Dark Mountain on the horizon opposite the snowy mountain from which we had come. It ran the entire length of the horizon like a black shadowy silhouette. Its dark ragged top reminded me of the surface of bloodroot roots (like the specimen I have included in my Snake Oil).

I looked forward and to my left, toward a Great Staircase which led from the Underworld to the World of the Living. The entrance to the Great Staircase was guarded by two forms which reminded me of Anubis, only they were whitish-like in comparison to the Darkness of the Place and even though they too were dark of form. One Anubis-like guardian angel-creature stood at each side of the Great Staircase with its arms folded across its chest - they stood like Osiride Pillars. The Great Staircase had a handrail running down and up the center of it, dividing the Great Staircase into one side for going up and one side for going down. I wondered if these staircase guardians would let us onto the Great Staircase leading back up into the Land of the Living.

I said to the dark young woman with me still inside the crashed vehicle, "if we are going to make it out of here, we are going to have to go together." We joined hands.

Holding hands, we got out of the relative safety of the crashed vehicle together and stepped into the shadowy Darkness of the Great Sea. As we were walking together toward the entrance of the Great Staircase and toward the Guardians, my spirit friend suddenly pulled me aside, toward the area left of the Great Staircase, and toward the area hidden behind the Great Staircase toward the bathrooms. We told the Guardians we were going to go to the bathroom first, before coming before them to ask permission to enter the Great Staircase. So, they didn't stop us from going behind the Great Staircase to where the bathrooms were - to go to the bathroom there (which like eating faery food in the Otherworld, would prevent us from leaving).

But, we were trying to trick them, I knew it. Even though we did truly have to urinate, we were not going to the bathroom in that Place. Instead, we were going to sneak up onto the Great Staircase from behind without asking the Guardians for permission. We circled around looking around ...

The Guardians then got an inkling of our plan and started to move toward us (now standing under the right side of the Great Staircase). "Uh-oh!" I thought. My spirit friend exclaimed, "oh! we have to go back to the bathroom and wash our hands now," trying to trick the Guardians once again, and as if her words would ward off the Guardians in their approach toward us to investigate just exactly what we little she-devils were up to. "There's pee here!" she exclaimed and pointed toward the floor for the Guardians to see, although I didn't see any there at all. "There's pee!" she exclaimed, "we have to go back to the bathroom now and wash our hands first." The Guardians weren't fooled by her exclamations that we were going to go back to the bathroom to wash our hands first. They knew we weren't really going to go to the bathroom there. We little upstarts were trying to sneak onto the Great Staircase leading back into the Land of the Living, they knew it. The Guardians kept coming toward us. My spirit friend's exclamations then became like a magic command drawing me to awaken, "Pee! Pee! Pee!"

I woke up. Of course, I had to go to the bathroom. And I went to the bathroom, here in the Land of the Living. My body and my personal Guardian Angel together had commanded me to return to the Land of the Living.

I returned.

Such a funny journey into the Otherworld, but nevertheless, I returned to my body with my Guardian Angel joined in tow.

Another interesting link to my herbal magic - in addition to the resemblance of the top of the Great Dark Mountain to the bloodroot in my Snake Oil (I have my own bottle too), last night before going to bed, I had ordered some certified organic earth kosher Calamus Root to try it out as an antifatigue and overall health medicine (as the Cree use it). Calamus Root is found in the recipe sourced in Exodus for the Abramelin operation which "facilitates contacting one's Guardian Angel." Wow, potent stuff - just placing the order for it worked magic!

Bloodroot and Calamus Root - I think I now have some "totem" roots!

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