Monday, February 01, 2010

Right PATH Personality Profiles

I just completed taking two personality assessments (RightPATH 4 and 6) for one of the RNAC opportunities I applied for with an organization in a nearby city. They require these results before setting up an interview. My profile results describe me fairly well, I think.

On the RightPATH 4 Profile I scored as a Analyzer.

Regarding Analyzers at Work, my profile states:

"Since Analyzers excel at offering logical solutions to complex problems, they function best in roles in which they can evaluate and make necessary changes to improve efficiency."

Regarding an Analyzer's Contribution to Work, my profile states:

"Analyzers are natural organizers and administrators who can diplomatically create pressure to gain results and maximize performance in the workplace."

Regarding Analyzer Leadership Style, my profile states:

"Analyzers lead by planning, delegating, and explaining in their areas of expertise. They are good at keeping work efforts organized and focused."

Regarding Analyzer's Relationship to Authority, my profile states:

"Analyzer's are most comfortable when given freedom and authority to make decisions and implement creative ideas or improve efficiency."

Regarding Analyzer Communiation Style, my profile states:

"Analyzers communicate by clarifying, providing insights, questioning, giving directives, teaching, managing, or advising."

On the RightPATH 6 Profile, on the following continuums, my profile scored:

Compliance/Dominance - "Naturally cooperates with others to get the job done. Prefers to lead by working with others, rather than by 'taking charge.'" [42]

Introversion/Extroversion - "Very focused, prefers to work alone; private, serious, and reserved; would rather socialize with close associates." [31]

Detached/Compassion - "Objective and not afraid to make difficult decisions; likes to move ahead at a fast pace." [39]

Unstructured/Structured - "Likes to be accurate, organized, and prepared; naturally follows rules and prefers structure and predictability." [64]

Cautious/Adventurous - "Mid-range score. Average drive and spirit of adventure but usually prefers not to be a high risk taker." [45]

Concrete/Abstract - "Very creative; likes to generate and express new ideas and seek mental challenges." [70]


islandgirl said...

took same test yesterday...i was a networker on 6 but scored very much as u on 4....what job were you applying for? and did u get it?

Myfanwy said...

I accepted a position elsewhere at the time.

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