Saturday, February 13, 2010

Conspiracy Theories

ל׳ בשבט תש"ע
Keowulf 2

Well, on the heels of the issues with my Blackberry Tour, the package sent to me FedEx Overnight early this past Friday won't be here until 3PM Monday. FedEx should not be allowed to advertise itself as overnight delivery when it delivers an overnight package 4 days later. I wanted to start my new job Monday morning with what I had FedExed Friday. Delivery Monday at 3PM is too late to do that. Good thing my need is not an emergency and only a case of 'I'd like to start my new job with this thing that I've ordered.'

I have a theory - the Universe has been conspiring to frustrate me this week. And you know what? It has succeeded. I am indeed frustrated with all this week's frustrations.

Breathe, Lori, breathe.

A good thing happened this week also - I found out that my credit rating has now recovered following all of those (not so long ago) long years of unemployment and underemployment. Yay! I now have people wanting to give me credit - do you believe it?! Now, I just have to stay employed so that I can remain in good standing with the bank that loaned me the money to buy my car and with the merchant who gave me the credit card with which I repaired my credit rating.

So, despite my frustrations with my possessed Blackberry and FedEx, I am okay because the other side of the Universe which desires to support me (instead of frustrate me) is conspiring to make me happy.

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