Sunday, February 28, 2010

Absolute Delight

ט'ו באדר תש"ע
Keowulf 17

It's time to fully invest in Goddess, so I did it. I'm retiring the witch hat I purchased from a costume company and have commissioned a custom made hand sewn plush black velvet witch hat made by a real witch with a natural talent for handcrafting witch hats.

The hat is about 20 inches from brim to point, with an approximately 50 inch brim circumference. Reinforcing wire runs between the brim layers, and up the seam of the point (covered so I don't feel it). The hat cone can be 'flopped' over as desired, and will hold its shape with the wire support. Brim band is hand stitched. Brim edge is trimmed in coordinating decorative braid. This is a quality hat which will become an heirloom.

I'm purring with absolute delight.

The cute artsy handmade (freehand, not stenciled) sisterhood sign I also purchased to hang near the altar in my bedroom.


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Yeah, it is so cool, I agree.

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