Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blackberry Tour Tech Question

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Keowulf 1

I recently upgraded my cell phone to a Blackberry Tour 9630. I downloaded a ringtone from and set the ringtone correctly. In fact, after the new ringtone failed to 'set' the first time and several times thereafter, I reset the ringtone via several pathways, including "set ringtone/alerts" and "media".

The ringtone sounded fine when I "tried it." The phone indicated that it was set to the ringtone I had set it to. However, when family members called me from inside the house where I am living, though the ringtone was set, the ringtone which rang was a default ringtone and not the set ringtone. I had also set my mother's Blackberry Tour ringtone, and it worked (and still is working, even though she has changed her ringtone several times now). On my Blackberry, I tried a battery pull and the ringtone still failed to "set" even though, according to the phone, it was "set."

I took the first upgraded phone back the next day after purchasing it. After trying a few things, they changed out my new Blackberry Tour for another new Blackberry Tour. I set the phone twice with two different downloaded ringtones at the Verizon store, and each time, when someone at the store called my phone, the set ringtones worked exactly as they should have. So, I went home thinking all was well.

When I got home, again when family members called my phone from their phones (one of them also a new Blackberry Tour - my mother and I had each bought one at the same time), my set ringtone no longer rang, but my phone again rang with the same default ringtone as the first Blackberry had done.

I tried a battery pull, a soft reset and double soft reset - but still no banana! Calls to my Blackberry rang through with the default ringtone, not the set ringtone.

The next morning, I again took my Blackberry back up to the Verizon store, and when I got there, an employee there called my number from two different phones within the store and - sheesh Louise! - my Blackberry rang correctly with the ringtone I had set it to. So, I went home - and do you know what? - right when I got home, I called my number from a family member's cell phone, and the ringtone had reverted right back to the default ringtone!

My Blackberry is possessed or something.

Any techies out there know what in the world is going on with my Blackberry Tour?


Danielle said...

The BB Tour has a "default" ringtone different than the one you pick under SETTINGS - so if you go under each individual contact | Custom Ring Tones/Alerts | Phone - you'll see that it says "Ringer_ClassicPhone" (at least that's what mine is) as the contacts ringtone. I haven't figured out a way to go in and change the master default ringtone for all contacts at once so for now you have to do it one by one but for some reason it NEVER resets your contacts to the default ringtone you pick under the main SETTINGS option - that's why when someone who ISNT in your contact list - like verizon - called you it worked but when someone from your contacts list called you it didn't work! This really frustrates me and I'm thinking of switching to a different blackberry - anyway hope that helps :-)

Myfanwy said...

Thanks! :)

Liz said...

I just got my Tour a few days ago. I even tried removing all my contacts from the Contact Alerts list, but no dice. So, I'll be sitting here updating the ringer on EVERY ONE of my contacts. This sux.

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