Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of Deeds And Dark Knots The Land Teaches

ו' בשבט תש"ע
Imbolgen 7

Last night I dreamt.

Time was ancient, but as one among a small tribe, I was living on the same land I am living on currently. On the far left horizon, an approaching sound could be heard coming from among the trees of the ancient forest. It sounded and was seen to be like the Langoliers and a gathering of smoke monsters (like in Lost) before being seen, "uprooting huge trees with enormous force". My tribe and I knew they were dangerous, and we moved beyond the fence on our right which separated our camp in that time from a different time. Beyond the fence, on the right of it, we moved into a different time and beyond the reach of the Langolier-like creatures which were fast approaching. We had escaped safely into another time and the land upon we stood was an open field.

I woke up. Then I went back to sleep and dreamt again.

This time, I was a teenage girl among a medieval tribe. We lived on the far right horizon and had been driven out of our ancient homeland in the middle by another ancient tribe on the far left. My tribe was preparing to return to our ancient homeland and our menfolk were preparing for battle. I had a teenage boyfriend who was also preparing for the battle to reclaim our ancient homeland in the middle (by heading toward the left as the Langoliers had approached us from the left and forced us to retreat to the far right). I had gotten into trouble (in the sense that they were mad at me) with the elders of the tribe for being an outspoken tart of a girl somehow and was sent "to the side and out of the way." But, being an outspoken tart of a girl, I snuck back in among the soldiers to also go into battle, and came to the side of my boyfriend as all were preparing to advance to the battlefront. My boyfriend sent me on an important errand - it was away from battlefront, but I understood that it needed to be done for the battle's ultimate success and I was the only one who could do it. Reluctantly, I disengaged from being among the troops and went off to do the important errand that only I could do.

I woke up.

And today, wasting no time, I did what I had to do - I asked uncomfortable questions and advocated for other MDS Coordinators in the organization. Then, after lunch, I got fired for "making me (my Administrator) look like I (she) can't control my (her) employees."

Of course, she is right. She can't control me.

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