Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Constant Of Kinna Ha-Katuv

כ"א ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 22

In follow-up to The Mystery of Urcanaan and Mystery of the White Bull, some notes to the mysteries of time travel and the masorah:

Last evening watching Lost, I was introduced to The Constant. The constant functions as an anchor for time-travelling consciousness and prevents the progressive physical side effects (leading to death) of time travel.

Interestingly, the episode of The Constant "follows (time-traveller) Desmond's 1996 consciousness in one continuous narrative between the two years." The year 1996 is the year I "returned to Torah."

Also interestingly, in the episode, the time traveller's eyes are examined (just as eyes are relevant in Mystery of the White Bull). The freighter in the episode on which the eyes are examined is named Kahana. Not unimportantly, yesterday I also added to my Twitter a person referencing Meir Kahane and a JIDL twitter site - both had added my Twitter site to their own. "JDL" is known from my past to have alot of "Kahanist" members, at least it used to.

In my entry The Mystery of Urcanaan (סתר ורכנען), I made a scribal change to the Torah text, transforming a curse into a blessing. Such scribal emendations are known, not only as tikkunei sofrim (corrections to the text), they are also known in the halakhic midrashim as kinna ha-katuv (כנה הכתוב), the constant original text.

The words Urcanaan and kinna are derived from a common sha'ar (two-letter gate of nun), that is - the letters kaf (כ, power to actualize potential) and nun (נ, Divine Feminine), where the letter hei (ה, actualization through thought, communication and action) of kinna (כנה) becomes the Hebrew letters ayin (eye, ע) and nun (fish, נ) to make the central word of Urcanaan (ורכנען), namely Canaan (כנען), the ancient pagan people.

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