Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

י' בכסלו תש"ע
Shamash 11

I am thankful for -

that I live in a country where there is no war
a family whom I love and who loves me
grandchildren who are happy to hug and kiss me
and that each is uniquely gifted in a special way
that my family lives near me
a warm home
a job I like
with a private office
in an elegant and well-kept facility
only 10 minutes driving distance away in the mornings
working with people I like
who are really ok that I am a witch
and who accomodate my need for privacy and quiet to work well
because I'm worth it
that I have a beautiful black wytchee car with gorgeous leather interior
losing over 30 pounds and getting my waist back
so I feel good and am healthy
health insurance
to be able to pay for my Singular
so that my allergies are under control now
and my blood pressure is down
that I'm nearly 49 and my skin still looks smooth
that I can afford a manicure regularly
that I like my looks basically
that I don't have to stress out about not being able to pay my bills
that I have a laptop to take with me when I travel now
that I have built up an amazing altar in my bedroom
that I have lots of handmade ritual items
that I have a large and exquisite natural crystal ball
and a bodhran drum
that my besom is extraordinary
that I can fall asleep to the sound of windchimes
even in the winter
that I'm intelligent
and artistic

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