Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birthright Of A Natural Born Maga

כ"ח ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 29

In follow-up to my previous entry Eleh HaChukim - The Laws of Memory, in the book Cosmic Memory: Prehistory of Earth and Man, it is written:

The fourth Atlantean root race was preceded by the so-called Lemurian. During its development, events of the very greatest importance occurred with respect to the earth and to men. Here, however, something will first be said of the character of this root race after these these events, and only then will the latter be discussed. By and large, memory was not yet developed among this race. While men could have ideas of things and events, these ideas did not remain in memory ... their ideas had a quite different strength from those of later men. Through this strength they acted upon their environment ... Other men, animals, plants, and even lifeless objects could feel this action and could be influenced by purely ideas. Thus the Lemurian could communicate with his fellow-men without needing a language. This communication consisted in a kind of "thought-reading." The Lemurian derived the strength of his ideas directly from the objects which surrounded him. It flowed to him from the energy of the growth of plants, from the life force of animals. In this manner he understood plants and animals in their inner action and life. He even understood the physical and chemical forces of lifeless objects in the same way. When he built something he did not first have to calculate the load-limit of a tree trunk, the weight of a stone; he could see how much the tree trunk could bear, where the stone in view of its weight would fit, where it would not. Thus the Lemurian built without engineering knowledge on the basis of his faculty of imagination which acted with the sureness of a kind of instinct. Moreover, to great extent, he had power over his own body. When it was necessary, he could increase the strength of his arm by a simple effort of the will. For example, he could lift enormous loads by merely using his will. If later the Atlantean was helped by his control of the life force, the Lemurian was helped by his mastery of the will. He was - the expression should not be misinterpreted - a born magician in all fields of lower human activities.

Importantly, this excerpt describes a kind of consciousness where the ideas which exist in it are not bound in memory, yet nevertheless, act powerfully upon the environment. This kind of consciousness is called Lemurian. The kind of consciousness where ideas are brought into and bound in memory is called Atlantean.

In my writing Truth and Diligence, Candle In The Womb, I describe my experience of the integrative transition from Lemurian into Atlantean consciousness, where I write:

i could remember thinking a doing things, but my senses did retain not perceptions, although a smell would remain within me, marking their actuality. i was unable to fully form and hold onto the ideas that existed in my mind.

Ohhh! to remember the feel of my edges!

Like a hug all around me loosened. In an instant, my eyes could see. i was startled and amazed at the impact of remembering whole perceptions. i felt in existence.

Generating ideas with the strength to influence reality, the mastery of will - all of it is part of my birthright.

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