Thursday, March 27, 2014

This is Hel

Like Odin, my preincarnate experiential consciousness extends back, not only into the Ginnungagap, but even before that into the period prior to the previous Ragnarok. My memory within the Ginnungagap is characterized by a misty darkness. In contrast, my last memory of the period prior to the last Ragnarok is characterized by a happy brightness (as it will again at the end of this cycle, as I visioned it before I was born). To me, the faces of the goddess Hel pertain to these distinctions. My memory begins (in a fashion) with brightness, passes into a misty darkness, and will again be characterized by a happy brightness. Hel represents the feminine experience of eternal consciousness, from passing away, to new arising, to being/becoming. She carries the whole uninterrupted eternal cycle of consciousness. To me, this is Hel.

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