Monday, March 31, 2014

The Hel Baldur Nanna Connection

In follow up to a previous post This Is Hel, I need to clarify that my experience of darkness does not include the feeling of dread (as some might think it would). On the contrary, in darkness there is profound peace and tranquility. At least this is true for the misty darkness I experienced before being thrust out into the realm of "becoming being".

While I identify the misty darkness I experienced between the periods of happy brightness as being within the Ginnungagap (perhaps even more specifically, within the northern side of the Ginnungagap in Niflheim), it was not at all an unhappy place of dread. In it, was folksoul. It is home to me. I yearned to return.

Honestly, it only after I left that "misty dark place" that I felt dread - the dread existed for me in the gray coldness of becoming - the beginning of the journey into incarnation was not happy for me - I did not want to come into being and wanted to go back. I had to be enticed to continue into becoming incarnated - and as i incarnated, the future happy brightness waiting for me was held out like a carrot to keep me from trying to go back again. The happy brightness, the misty darkness - both were good and not dreadful. The happy brightness I experienced is associated with a masculine energy around me - maybe this is the presence of Baldur around me. Baldur is part of my soul complex in some manner.

What is it with Hel and Baldur? They're like 2 peas in a pod to me.

In my experience of consciousness, the ancestral goddesses Hel and Nanna are the same, and the two faces of Hel (one dark, one light) hint to the two full phases (dark and full) of the Moon (Nanna, Baldur's wife). Science tells us that the Moon is literally the daughter of the proto-Earth (Erda), born from the collision of the primeval earth with the proto-planet Theia (a word which means goddess and whose full name Theia Euryphaessa means goddess of brightness and light). Consequently, this makes the present earth and the present moon to be divisions of the Erda-Theia hybrid proto-planet into two forms - again which liken to the two faces of Hel and the two full phases of Nanna.

Another thing, certainly names have experiential magical meaning, so it is significant to my own experience of consciousness that Nanna is also known by the names Anna and Inanna - and that my own middle name is Ann, the core letters of the name Nanna.

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