Monday, January 20, 2014

Proving Hamingja

From The Road to Hel:

In the Vatnsdæla Saga, Ketill tells his son that he intends to teach him the laws of warriors - 'you are now at an age to prove what hamingja will be granted to you.' 'Now it is hamingja which will decide' exclaims Gestr in Bárðar Saga ... as used in the sagas, hamingja stands for an abstract conception, that of something belonging to an outstanding person which is partly a matter of character and partly of personality, and partly something more than either - that strange quality of luck or lucklessness which attaches itself to certain individuals more than others.

To read more about the Norse soul quality of hamingja, click the link above.

Today, just a few hours ago, a friend told me that I gave her good luck - awesome! (a person's hamingja may be shared with others)

Tonight's nightly rune drawing - laguz, the rune of increasing vital power and life force.

Last night I dreamt that a lion ate the balls (yes, it made a meal of those balls) of a man chasing to harm me. No more balls has he. 

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