Monday, January 13, 2014

Blót - Gebo Rune Drawing

Kragehul Spear

Fittingly, tonight's nightly rune divinatory drawing was Gebo.

ek e⸗rila⸗z asugisalas m⸗uh⸗a h⸗aite g⸗ag⸗ag⸗a ginu g⸗ah⸗e […] lija […] hagala wiju big–[…]

I, the Erulian, am called Asgisl's retainer g⸗ag⸗ag⸗a. The magical working (sign) ga. To the helm-destroying hail I consecrate (them) by spear ...

Like the vial of blood I hurled in my dream as written in my earlier posts (Birds and Odin & the Blood of the Einheri), according to Edred Thorsson on the rune Gebo:

The spear was hurled over (or at least in the direction of the enemy army) to dedicate (give) all of those slain on the other side as a sacrifice (to the Aesir Odin and/or Tyr).

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