Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wyrd Weaver

I dreamt two dreams.

I and two others were gently but hurriedly thrust into a small conference room with a conference table in the middle of it. (Relative to my field of forward perception with the northern direction being the direction of my first gaze) I was initially sitting on the southern long end of the table, as were the others. A teaching spirit sat across from us.

In the surface of the tabletop were patterns of star stuff, cosmic patterns - patterns born of orlog, patterns of wyrd. We each saw our own wyrd. I immediately recognized intimately as part of the Visceral Seeing of my Being, that everything in my lives was created by myself, even so much as the way I looked in each life, even the brace I wore on my back in this life as a teenager. I softly wept with joy. I was indeed the mistress of my life.

I was also joyful that I had been blessed with the opportunity that most people don't have - the opportunity to remember, to be wise.

I saw one little thing I wanted to adjust in the pattern from my previous life. I got up and went through the eastern door back into my past life to do that, but when I arrived, the past was being eaten up like in the movie The Langoliers. I couldn't make the adjustment that way, so I returned to the room with the conference table.

I sat down in the same place at the table and stuck my right index finger into the patterns of the table and made the one little adjustment. I immediately found myself on the northern long side of the table sitting by the teaching spirit. I realized that there were 12 lives apportioned to me in this cosmic cycle. In the room of the table, I was sitting between my eighth and ninth life. My eighth life was past, my current life was ninth. This life was tasked with making ready for my next life, which I felt was going to be a very important, regally powerful life in the cosmic scheme of things. This is why I was given the opportunity in this life to make the small adjustment I needed to make (the need stemming from some small thing in my previous life) in preparation for the role I would have in my next life. I was preparing myself for power, power born and supported by innate upright justice, sovereignty and rightful inheritance.

I woke up, fell back asleep, and dreamt again.

A small group from my past life had come through into this life and was trying to steal my power, but I escaped. I felt that these enemies had been enemies of my royal family for ages and ages. These enemies had followed me through lifetimes seeking to steal my family's royal power, but each time I escaped. They were always one step behind, always too little too late.

Their fate has been set, this life is sealing it. My next life will be the doom of them.

I woke up.

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