Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Event Horizon

In follow-up to my previous entry reporting on a dream (Wyrd Weaver) I had about a week ago, where I wrote in part:

I sat down in the same place at the table and stuck my right index finger into the patterns of the table and made the one little adjustment. I immediately found myself on the northern long side of the table sitting by the teaching spirit. I realized that there were 12 lives apportioned to me in this cosmic cycle. In the room of the table, I was sitting between my eighth and ninth life. My eighth life was past, my current life was ninth.

Rereading through one of my rune books (Alu - An Adavnced Guide to Operative Runology by Edred Thorsson) tonight, I came across this (discussing the fourth of four elements of radical operative runology as a system of meta-communication) which speaks perfectly to the excerpt of my dream noted above:

The event horizon is that liminal space whence phenomena enter the world from an unmanifested state. The unmanifest becomes manifest. Operations of magic can be conducted entirely within the manifest universe ... however, another form of operation causes changes in the pre- or unmanifest world - before this phenomenological feed enters the physical realm. To communicate with this unmanifest - or runic - realm requires the highest form of art and science - and oftentimes luck. But this is where the most miraculous changes can be effected. This operation requires a form of time travel - because it is from the realm of the "past" (UrĂ°r) whence these phenomena arise in our lives - he who learns to condition the past can control the future.

In my dream, I traveled to the liminal space between the past and the present to make a change, conditioning the past to control the future. This dream exemplifies an event horizon within the context of a magical operation of consciousness.

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