Saturday, November 09, 2013

Meet the Midgard Serpent

I had a strange dream early this morning. The dream is associated with the rune Naudh, as this was the rune I drew as before going to bed (a nightly ritual of mine).

I traveled to Germany. It wasn't modern mundane Germany. The land had a mythical feeling, enchanted, magical - like a fairytale (not the light and fluffy-love kind of fairies at all, but awesomely real and powerful). I was with a small group of people.

There was some sort of olympic-style game or test going to happen - just one test for four contenders who would choose take up the challenge. I was one of the four - both chosen by my timeless people yet also destined and born to do this. Nevertheless, the choice to actually take up the challenge was mine, as it was similarly for the other three. It was a test which would liberate the people somehow - it was a test for a collective destiny - the four of us were like representatives of the people, heroes sort of. Like when an army will send out its best warriors to fight the best warriors of the opposition. We were the four best spiritual warriors of our people. Our opposition was four forms of a Great Monster.

The four formed Great Monster lived in hidden waters. There was a pool with four lanes containing a portion of the hidden waters in it like an olympic pool where swimming races take place (except that each lane was its own pool separated from the waters of the other lanes by pool walls). The closest lane contained opaque white water, then red, then blue, then black (an incredibly black black). Each of us was naturally drawn to our destined lane. My lane was the black lane.

The test was to get into the water (each in our chosen lane) and try to keep the water of the lane pure of its own particular color - if any one of the four of us could do this, we could defeat the Great Monster. If all four of us failed, the Great Monster would be unleashed upon the whole people throughout all the worlds.

The four of us were standing at poolside consulting with the people - discussing and debating whether or not we should take up the challenge at this time in history. Perhaps this wasn't the time, some people were questioning the wisdom of summoning the Great Monster right now, at this time. I wasn't anxious to get into the black water myself either - this was a dangerous thing to do for all of us. I didn't take the challenge lightly. I would abide by the decision of the people, whatever it was.

The decision was made to go ahead and to take up the challenge. The two destined for the white and red waters got into the water each of his/her own lane. If the waters didn't bleed into one another, it was good. If the waters bled together through the walls, then the two failed. We watched.

Red water started seeping into the white lane, and white water began seeping in to the red lane - this was not good. This was failure. There was no time to waste now - the Great Monster stirred beneath the base of the world, underneath the pool, we could feel it coming. I jumped into my black lane (the blue lane remained empty), I had to try to reverse the failure.

I stood up tall in the midst of the black water, facing the Great Wall like a warrior, ready to face down the Great Monster which had been stirred up by the mixing of the white and red waters of the first two lanes. The Great Monster rose up from Great Sea which lay beyond the Great Wall which separated our world from Otherworld chaos. The Great Monster was black as night, a huge sea serpent, like Jörmungandr. The water in my lane remained pure black - neither did the black water bleed its color into any of the other lanes. I had succeeded in containing the power of the water.

The Great Serpent looked at me and cracked the hint of a happy smile.

I woke up.

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Ior is a river fish and yet it always feeds on land;
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[Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

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