Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Mountain of Promise

Legend of the Mountain of Promise

The given clues:

  1. find the place where wood becomes flesh (original state of human species consciousness?) located near a body of water
  2. find the place where mud (earth and water) is made by fire instead of water (permafrost significantly suggested)
  3. walk toward the sun to the painted cave located between the sound that never ceases and the cliff shaped like a woman
  4. enter the cave and walk to find the rock dwarf that dared face the sun
  5. with the dwarf at your right hand, walk to locate "the Crypt of Secrets" containing "the Scroll of Knowledge" that will lead to "the Mountain of Promise" - the crypt is located between "the rock that bleeds" and "the river that laughs"

I personally can't help but link in my mind this Mountain of Promise with my experience when I was 6 years old, where when "coming down" I was given a promise in exchange for letting go the "treasured possession" I tried to hold and contain within my child mind.

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Heid said...

"Ambubachi (Ameti) is a fertility festival in the Hindu religion. It is observed in the month of Ashar (June-July) of the Hindu almanac , usually on the 7th to 9th days of Ashar (around 24-26 June).

It is believed that Mother Earth undergoes her menstrual periods during this period . This festival is observed throughout India, but the most important festivity is observed at the Kamakhya Temple in Assam, a north eastern state of India.

The Kamakhya tyemple is one of the most venerated Shakti temples in India, & is regarded as one of the 51 Shakti Pithams associated with the legend of Shiva & Daksha Yagna.

The Kamakhya temple is situated on a small hill called Nilachal Hill in the western outskirt of the city of Guwahati, the capital of Assam. Actually it is a temple complex with several temples dedicated to different forms of Mother Goddess as Dasa Mahavidya, including Bhubaneswari, Chhinnamasta, Tripura Sundari & Tara. It is a very important site for the Tantric style of worship, & thousands of Tantrics, a special sect of Sadhus with several sub-sects ,attend the Ambubachi festival here.

The present temple was constructed by the king Chilarai of Koch dynasty in 1565 A.D. It has a bee-hive like top or Shikhara . The temple is decorated with beautiful sculptured images of Hindu gods & goddesses. In the sanctum sanctorum, there is natural rock with a cleft (a Yoni or female genitalia like structure) which is considered as the symbol of the Goddess Kamakhya or Mother Earth. A natural spring flows through it & keeps the interior moist. During the Ambubachi festival, the water turns red for three days resembling menstrual flow of a woman. Possibly Iron Oxide is the cause of this red coloration, but why this phenomenon occurs only for three days, & that also in every year in a cyclical manner, is mysterious to say the least. The devotees strongly believe that it is a miracle."

"Ameti or Tantric fertility festival since it is closely associated with Tantric Shakti cult" - ... y_festival

"Shakti is cosmic existence" - - This definitely fits with my experience!

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