Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Power of Innocence Monolith

The Legend of the Mountain of Promise

Excerpt on the Odin Brotherhood death ritual:

Why is the monolith broken?

For the deceased to enjoy the grave goods in the next world, the goods must first be “killed.”Breaking (or burning) is a way of killing an object.

But, if the person is not dead but alive during some particular unusual death-like state of being, and is meant to return to the land of the living, to this world and not to remain in the otherworld, I would think it would be good then not to break a monolith. I wonder, what exactly, in esoteric terms, is a monolith?

According to our legends, the three founders of the Odin Brotherhood (“Mocking-Defiance,”“The-Power-of-Innocence,” and “Desire-to-Rebel”) were buried together in a special mound called “The-Mountain-of-Promise.”Tradition states that each of the three monoliths placed with their bodies was the size of a living man.

I wonder what more there is in tradition about the monolith associated with the Power of Innocence?

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