Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spark of Active Creative Stellar Consciousness

As those who read my blog may recall, I recently ordered my own set of underworld Dreampower divination cards following my first exposure to them during a Druidic Samhain ancestor offering ritual. Well, my own set arrived! This is my very first reading on myself using them.

Ace of Fire

First card in the Stone Realm (the realm closest to the surface) reveals one's personal story, family or true career work, opportunities, health/body and surface life. Also shows inherited patterns, knots and repetitive spirals from early life and previous lives. I drew the Ace of Fire.

The Ace of Fire is the originative vibrant power of burning brilliant illumination. It is the Spark, ignited and aroused. Appearing in the Stone realm, it is very close to me, Heid, the Bright One. Just under the surface of normative awareness, it burns with a burning red and gold background embracing the central flame. A perfect draw in complete harmony with my Sacred Teutonic Name.

7 of Fire

Second card in the Pearl Realm reveals inner life, inner hidden heart, the light of midnight, personal inner truth, creativity, and the energy that flows through inherited patterns. These patterns open, untie the knotted bundled information to bring liberation, reveal knowledge and transmit mysteries. I drew the 7 of Fire.

The 7 of Fire is Response, Feeling, Intuitiveness - these things imply conscious apprehension of the inherited patterns ignited and burning as noted in the Stone Realm. Moreover, the 7 of Fire in the Pearl Realm indicates that this conscious apprehension flows with creative energy and esoteric inherited ancestral knowledge - my birthright, my ancestral wisdom. My conscious awareness, through this divination reading, touches and reclaims this deep ancestral wisdom as my own. I claim my birthright.

The number 7 in many mystery systems pertains to spiritual completeness and perfection.

The Whirlpool

Third card in the Whirlpool Realm reveals the life of the spirit, the reality of Being, the source of many outer lives, reflects the deepest potential, and carries inherent stellar power of the universe within the individual. I drew The Whirlpool, the trump in its natural realm.

The Whirlpool in its natural realm pertains to Star Consciousness, connection to Universal power and stellar consciousness. In a reading this card reveals subtle far-reaching energies beginning to surface into and permeate life. Taken together with the first two cards, what is beginning to surface and become known in my life is conscious intuitive apprehension of inherited ancestral knowledge, unfolding into an illuminating creative flowing energy from my deepest Source of Being into my everyday mundane reality.

How awesome! So mote it be!

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