Monday, November 05, 2012

Samhain Dreampower Divination - Part 2, The Pearl Realm

The Teller

In my first experience with Dreampower Divination, the first card from the previous post pertaining to the Stone Realm can be likened to the darkness and lunar shadows, hiddeness, and to the womb where enlightened communication is sourced.

In the solar Pearl Realm, what was incubated in the Stone Realm, is brought forth and revealed. In our Samhain reading, the card for this realm came out as The Teller. The Teller embodies the Voice of One (as discussed in the previous post). Importantly, the Teller

communicates ancestral memories to you; these may include recovery of part lives, your own or those of others. 

How very encouraging and affirming to me that my offering to my Ancestors has been, not only accepted, but that the Ancestors will grant my request - a gift in acknowledgment of the gift of the Soul Retrieval oil, specifically. My Ancestors will aid me (and all involved in the group reading) in my (our) work to recover and heal the deep wounds of my (our) soul (folksoul). Not only has the Teller told me so, but the Teller has uttered it with the Voice of One into my (our) reality.

Hail the Mighty Ancestors, the land spirits, Frigga, Freyja and Hela!

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