Monday, November 05, 2012

Samhain Dreampower Divination - part 3, The Whirlpool Realm

The Tangler

Following creation and incubation in the Stone Realm, and pre-manifest revelation in the Pearl Realm, we now come to the threshold of manifestation in the Whirlpool Realm. It is here in the Whirlpool where chaos creates manifest reality.

In a state of unity, quantum mechanics tells us that energy (from which everything is made) can be in many places simultaneously. It is through chaos that potentialities decohere into being one thing over fuzzily existing as everything - in other words, all possibilities collapse into a single definite something.

In our reading, the Tangler sits in the Whirlpool.

The Tangler is a male figure, wrapped in many strands of white, red and black. 

The energy coming through is active (male) and it is embraced by the protective threads of wyrd weaving into manifest reality.

His hair is a glossy olive green and massive, in snaky locks

like the bed of moss in my offering to the Ancestors.

The strands of red, white and black are tangled then braided into his locks, set with many tiny pearls.

The strands of wyrd are weaving into the realities of all in the group (a single something consisting of) pearls of deep ancestral healing wisdom and memory (as uttered by the Teller in the previous card) for each of us.

This an AWESOME Samhain configuration and divination. We have indeed been blessed!

Hail the Might Ancestors, hail the land wights, hail Frigga, hail Freyja and hail Hela!

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